Show Rules



1. Judging to Y.A.A.S. rules and standards. All exhibits to be shown in slab sided containers. All show tanks to have sufficient airspace above the waterline.

2. Once benched exhibits are not to be removed without the permission of the show steward. When de-benching is announced all exhibitors should remain within the show room until it is established that no exhibits are missing.

3. To assist the public, exhibitors must name their entries.

4. Although Ryedale A.S. will take all possible care of exhibits, and provide access to airpump facilities for use by exhibitors, no responsibility can be accepted for loss or damage to same. Non-exhibitors must gain permission from the Show Steward to take photographs (flash photography is prohibited prior to and during judging) within the showing room. Members of the Ryedale Aquarist Society will be present within the showing room at all times.

5. Fish entered in Classes 9 and 33 are to consist of six fish, over four months old, bred by the exhibitor with the date of spawning/birth of the fry and breeding group clearly marked.

6. Fish entered in Classes 10 and 32 must be true pairs.

7. Classes 20 follow the current killie showing guide as laid down by the Y.A.A.S. Judges and Standards Committee.

8. Class 34. To enter this class you will need to either boil an egg or find a small egg-shaped object and then use all of your artistic flair and craftwork knowledge to build your egg into a fish. As with the living exhibits you must put the name or type of fish onto a label. Judges discretion will decide the places

The venue operates a strict NO SMOKING or CONSUMPTION OF ALCOHOL policy.

There is ample FREE PARKING around the venue. Refreshments will be available at the venue.

Further details can be obtained from
David Marshall Tel: 01751 472715
or visit our web site at www.ryedaleaquaristsociety.co.uk