Schedule of Show Classes

1. Danio and Minnow21. Albino and Leucistic
2. Rasbora22 Common and Fancy Goldfish
3. Molly 23. A.O.V. Coldwater
4. Guppy24 A.O.V. Small Characin (up to 10cm)
5. Platy25.A.O.V. Large Catfish (over 15cm
6. Swordtail26 Botia and Loach
7.A.O.V. Livebearer27.Aspidoras, Brochis, Corydoras, Scleromystax
8. A.O.V. Female Livebearer28. A.O.V. Small Catfish (up to 15cm)
9. Breeders - Livebearer29.A.O.V. Large Catfish (over 15cm)
10. Matched Pair - Livebearer 30. AV Female Egglayer
11. Betta splendens (Siamese Fighters)31. A.O.V. Tropical
12 A.O.V. Small Anabantid (up to 10cm32. Matched Pair - Egglayer
13. ) . A. O. V. Large Anabantid (over 10cm)33. Breeders Egglayers
14.. Sharks and Foxes34.Eggshibit - To be judged by invited guests.
15. Small Barb (up to10cm).
16. Large Barb (over10cm)  
17. Endemic Rift Lake Cichlids  
18. A.O.V. Small Cichlids (up to10cm)  
19. A.O.V.Large Cichlids (over 10cm).
20.A.O.V. Killifish