Schedule of Show Classes

1. Danio and Minnow21. Albino and Xanthic
2. Rasbora22 Fundulopanchax, Scriptaphyosemion, Archiaphyosemion, Aphyosemion and Callopanchax
3. Molly 23.A.O.V. Killifish
4. Guppy24 Scleromystax Brochis and Large Corydoras (over 5cm )
5. Platy25.Femail Egglayer
6. Swordtail26. Sharks and Foxes
7.A.O.V. Livebearer27.Single Tailed Goldfish
8. A.O.V. Female Livebearer28. Double Tailed Goldfish
9. Breeders - Livebearer29. A.O.V. Coldwater
10. Matched Pair - Livebearer 30.Botia and Loach
11. Aspidoras and Small Corydoras (up to 5.5cm)31. Pencilfish
12. Betta splendens (Siamese Fighters) 32. A.O.V. Small Characin (up to 10cm)
13. A.O.V. Small Anabantid (up to 10cm) 33. A. O. V. Large Characin (over 10cm)
14. A. O. V. Large Anabantid (over 10cm)34.A.O.V. Small Catfish (up to 15cm)
15. Small Barb (up to10cm)35. A.O.V. Large Catfish (over 15cm
16. Large Barb (over10cm) 36. A.O.V. Tropical (up to 15cm)
17. Angel and Discus37. A.O.V. Tropical (over 15cm)
18. Endemic Rift Lake Cichlids 38. Matched Pair - Egglayer
19. A.O.V. Small Cichlids (up to10cm) 39. Breeders Egglayers
20.A.O.V.Large Cichlids (over 10cm)40. Eggshibit