This set of questions was compiled on 2nd September, 2006 by David Marshall


Question 1 - First coined by commercial fish breeding establishments in Florida what trade term is now applied to any variety of Koi exhibiting long flowing fins?

Q. 2 - What is the scientific name of the torpedo or Denison barb?


Torpedo barbs photographed at Chester Zoo Aquarium by David Marshall

Q. 3 - Synodontis catfish are endemic to which continent?

Q. 4 - What is a Cryptocoryne?

Q. 5 - What is the common name of the European killifish Aphanius mento?

Q. 6 - Which feature gave Betta compuncta its scientific name?

The beautiful Golden Thick-Lipped Gourami, a colour form of Colisa labiosa, in our photograph is a labyrinth cousin of Betta compuncta. This photograph is copyright of K.A. Webb.

Q. 7 - What type of creature, with an aquatic lifestyle, is Typhlonectes natans?

Q. 8 -What type of fish would you find in the marine genus Rajidae?

Q. 9 - What is an anadromous fish?

Q. 10 - To which country is the labyrinth fish Malpulutta kretseri, pictured below, endemic?

Malpulutta kretseri. Our photograph is copyright of Mr. D. Armitage.

Q. 11 - Which of the following appears in the common names of ALL the members of the marine family Liparidae?
a) Rockfish b) Clownfish c) Snailfish

Q.12 - And if you are still with us THANK YOU for having a good go at our questions. See what you can make of the last one by completing the following joke:-
Why did the Needlefish become frustrated over the Internet forum chatter?


Question 1 - Butterfly.

Q. 2 - Puntius denisonii.

Q. 3 - Africa.

Q. 4 - An aquatic plant.

Q. 5 - Orient killifish.

Q. 6 - A prominent black marking on the body. To quickly explain compuncta is a Latin word which means to brand or tattoo. Although natural the prominent black marking on the body of this particular Betta species looks to have been branded onto the skin hence compuncta was incorporated into the scientific name.

Q. 7 - A caecilian (a form of amphibian) worm that originates from South America.

Q. 8 - Skates.

Q. 9 - One which spawns in a river but feeds in the sea. One fish you may recognize with this particular lifestyle is the Pacific lamprey (Lampetra tridentata).

Q. 10 - Sri Lanka.

Q. 11 - c) Snailfish.

Q. 12 - Because it could not keep its eye upon the thread.