Ryedale Aquarist Society

Fun Day
Sunday 23rd, July 2017

Kirby Misperton Village Hall,
Malton, North Yorkshire. Y017 6XN

Doors open at 10.00a.m,

For further derails phone:
01751 472715


10.00a.m. to 12.30p.m. - Booking and benching of show exhibits.

10.OOa.m. to 10.45a.m. - Booking of sales table items.
10.50a.m - Viewing of sales table.
11.00a.m -Opening of the sales table for purchases.

11.15a.m - Talk by our special guest Mr. Steven Chester: 'Behind the scenes at my place of work - Chester Zoo Aquarium'.

12.15p.m. to 1.00p.m - Pot luck lunch.

1.00p.m. to 1.45p.m. - 'Fun Quiz' to be presented by Mr. Paul Barrow.

2.00p.m. to 2.45p.m. - Talk by our special guest Dr. David Pool of FishScience Ltd. 'Nutrition for aquarum fishes'.

3.OOp.m. - Talk by our special guest Mr. Steven Chester: 'Successful Discus Keeping'

4.00p.m. approx. - Awards of Show prizes.

Event Entrance Fee - We hope that you will join us for the full day. Entrance fee will be items of savoury and/or sweet items for the pot luck lunch.

For people attending the afternoon only, the price of entry will be 50p per person.

Tea, coffee and soft drinks will be available, for a small fee, at the following times:-
10.OOa.m, to 11.10a.m.

12.15p.m. to 12.50p.m.

1.45p.m. to 2.00p.m.

2.45 p.m. to 3.00p.m.



The Ryedale Gala is open to any single fish or pair of fish, egglaying or livebearing, that have scored 85 points or over at an Open Show anywhere in the U.K. between 1st March 2016 and 16th July 2017. Please bring along the relevant Open Show cards.

Special prizes for 1st to 3rd place will be kindly sponsored by Ferrybridge Aquatics, West Yorkshire.

The Gala will be judged in 2 stages:
Stage 1. The Sitting Judge will judge the exhibits and reduce the exhibits to 6 finalists that go forward to Stage 2.
Stage 2. All 'A' Class Judges present (with the exception of our own David Marshall) will be invited to point the 6 remaining exhibits. Their points will then be averaged to decide the places. In the event of any tied places the points given by the Sitting Judge will be decisive.

Entry fee 20p per exhibit.


Class 1 - Any Variety Livebearing fish.

Class 2 - Any variey Cichlid.

Class 3 - Any Variety Coldwater (including Goldfish).

Class 4 - Any Variety Characin.

Class 5 - Corydoradinae (Corydoras, Aspidoras, Brochis etc.).

Class 6 - AOV Catfish.

Class 7 - Betta splendens.

Class 8 - A.O.V. Labyrinth (including Snakeheads).

Class 9 - 'Out of Africa'. Any fish that originates from the African Continent.

Class 10- Any tropical freshwater fish not covered in the previous classes

Entry fee will be 20p per exhibit.


Y.A.A.S. 'A' Class Judge Mr. Mick Price has accepted our invitation to judge the Mini-Open Show and to be our Sitting Judge for the Ryedale Gala. Mr. Price will be jointly sponsored by Steve's Aquatic Emporium at Scarborough and The Aquarium Gazette CD Magazine.


Please place the name, either scientific and/or common, of any fish to be sold onto the relevant container or plastic bag. Please place a contact telephone number onto any electrical equipment to be sold.

Each person who brings along fish and/or aquarium accessories will be allocated a sales table letter by the Sales Table Secretary. This letter will be placed onto each item or bag containing fish etc.

For each iten sold the Sales Table Secretary will deduct a small fee of 10%.

When the Sales Table closes the Sales Table Secretary will make the appropriate payment to the people who have brought along fish and items to sell.

The venue is ideal for a family day out. There is ample FREE PARKING plus family picnic area and enclosed playground for children.

The venue operates a strict NO SMOKING or CONSUMPTION OF ALCOHOL policy.

The Ryedale Aquarist Society holds monthly meetings at various venues around the Pickering area. New members are always made very welcome. For further details phone 01751 472715.