Text and photographs by David Marshall

Presentation photographs by Christine Webb

Winning 'Eggshibit' photograph by Paul Barrow

On Sunday 13th May, 2012 the Ryedale A.S. held a 'Fun Day' in the beautiful setting of the Whistler Hall at Pickering Memorial Hall.

A total of 44 members and friends came along to spend the full day at the event while a good number (more than we realised on the day) of Pickering residents, 'dropped in' to see the fish on display and to see what was going on.

The basis of 'Fun Day' is that the people present have an enjoyable day and get to 'chat' with friends old and new. This certainly happened so the event ran in a very pleasant atmosphere.

'Fun Day' is a great chance for people to get together and have a good 'chat'


Our guest speakers for the day were Mrs. Christine and Mr. Kevin Webb (who was the very first person to speak at a Ryedale meeting way back in 1985), who presented two talks on their 2009 visit to Singapore. Christine and Kevin told us, first, about the amazing Aquarama Exhibition (which takes place bi-annually) and then, after lunch, took us on a tour of aquarium fish breeding farms and retail establishments. The audience were left, through the lovely Powerpoint presentation , in no doubt about just how beautiful this island is and how important the aquarium fish industry is to the economy of Singapore.

Ryedale A.S. Chairman Mr. Henry Hallsworth (far right) welcomes Kevin and Christine.
Christine prepares to give the first talk


Our guest Judge for the day was Y.A.A.S. 'A' Class Mr. Edward Cheetham. This was a special day for Edward as his first Ryedale judging assignment completed a remarkable achievement of having judged for every Society that has been Y.A.A.S. affiliated over the years.

Edward with fellow YAAS Judge Mr. Mick Price.


I am thrilled to be able to report that we had a total of 60 fish and 4 'eggshibits' entered in the 10 Open Mini-Show classes with friends from DJAY, STAMPS, Ferrybridge Aquatics Show Team, Bradford A.D.A.S., Catfish Study Group and our own members bringing along a super range of fish that included Hara longissima, Notropsis chrosomus, Betta 'species' Palangka, Rhinogobius specie, Sewellia 'species' spotted and Hyphessobrycon heliacus.

The show tables.
In a 'verbal poll' this beautiful cichlid was the 'people's favourite'

Mr. John Douthwaite and fellow STAMPS members did a great Show Secretarial job.


Just for fun we awarded a small trophy for the Society gaining the most points on the day and this was based on 4 for a 1st place card, 2 for a 2nd and 1 for a 3rd. In a closely contested afternoon the trophy went home with Mr. Dave Kirk, who was representing the DJAY Show Team.

A delighted Dave Kirk receives the Society trophy from Ryedale A.S. Secretary David Marshall
Here is Mr. Paul Barrow's winning 'eggshibit'. A wonderful 'cut away' Goldfish. To make the 'eggshibit' you had to build a fish around an egg.


Paul receives his prize
Sue Marshall was the 'eggshibit' runner-up with this colourful hybrid Featherfin Synodontis.

Sue receives her prize.
Ryedale member Frank Tolomeo receives show prizes.

STAMPS member Bede Kerrigan receives show prizes.
John receives show prizes.

FAST member Bernard Teale receives show prizes.

As we felt that time would not allow for an auction, a Sales Table, well marshalled by Mr. Frank Tolomeo, was held instead. The people present brought along an excellent selection of 'aquatic stuff' to sell with fish species that included Red Endlers, L010a, Corydoras metae, various Guppy strains and a huge Gold sucking loach.

Frank looks after a busy sales table


Miss Sue Marshall's 'Fun quiz' was based around 24 varied questions the answers to which each led to a place. Well done to Mrs. Pauline Barker who had the winning score of 17 from 24 correct answers.

Pauline with quiz prize.


All I am going to say about the 'pot luck lunch' is that we had a huge variety of savoury and sweet items covering several tables. Needless to say everyone present had a feast!

Plenty of food for all.

The Aquarium Gazette stand was well received and the posters displayed, added a splash of colour, while CD discs of the latest Issues were on sale.

Aquarium Gazette stand.

Thank you to all who came along for the day, to Christine & Kevin, to Edward, to people for bringing fish to the show, to those bringing sales table items, to Aquarium Gazette and most of all for your wonderful company.

We will leave the final words to Mr. Kenneth Carr, who sent this message via e-mail:
'I really enjoyed myself at the Fish Club 'Fun Day'. Well done to all at Ryedale A.S. Putting on a day like this must take so much work to do. Pickering Memorial Hall was a great venue choice. I liked the slides in the two talks and the presentations were good to watch. All the food that was laid on was wonderful. That you have friends willing to travel from West Yorkshire, Durham, Thirsk, Gateshead, South Shields area, Scunthorpe, Humberside and South Yorkshire shows how well thought of the Pickering-based group is. I enjoyed talking with everyone present'.