Text and photographs, unless otherwise credited, by Dr. David Ford of
Aquatic Services

When the members of the Ryedale Aquarist Society decided to open their 30th Anniversary Day to all fishkeepers, they chose the beautiful surroundings of the Kirby Misperton Village Hall to hold this event on Sunday 29th March, 2015.

Kirby Misperton Village Hall was a wonderful venue for the event. Photograph by Paul Barrow.

The main attractions were two lectures and a 50 question quiz. There was also a Championship Fish Class, a10 Class Mini-Open Show and an auction of aquatic items. Both a Bottle Tombola and a grand raffle were held during the day. Everyone attending for the day was asked to bring with them items of food for a grand shared lunch.

The Catfish Study Group, Anabantoid Association of Great Britain, Mars Fish Care with Aquarian® and their new API Fish Foods, and, of course, the Ryedale produced Aquarium Gazette CD Magazine all had stands.

Mrs. Christine Webb manning the AAGB Stand.
The Catfish Study Group Stand.
The Aquatic Services Stand. Photograph by
Paul Barrow
The Aquarium Gazette Stand. Photograph by
Paul Barrow

50 members and visitors arrived for the opening ceremony, where the special 30th Anniversary Ribbon, prepared and donated by Polly's Florists at Pickering, was cut by Dr. David Ford of Aquatic Services. Dr. Ford was invited to cut the ribbon as he had been the very first trade speaker at a Ryedale meeting in 1985. He was supported by the present Ryedale Chairman, Mr. Henry Hallsworth, and by Mr. Kevin Webb, who was the very first speaker at a Ryedale meeting back in 1985.

The 30th Anniversary Ribbon. Photograph by
David Marshall.
The cutting of the ribbon. Photograph by
Ian Fuller.

The first lecture was by the President of the Catfish Study Group, Ian Fuller, who gave his personal methods of keeping, spawning and raising many species of Corydoras catfishes. The audience learnt things that they did not know about these species and were given many tips on their feeding, water management and treatments.

Ian in full flow.

The shared lunch followed with tables of cold savouries and sweet courses, generously brought along by everyone in attendance. Refreshments of tea and coffee were also served during the day.

Shared lunch. Photograph by Paul Barrow.A busy canteen. Photograph by Paul Barrow.


Dr David Ford of Aquatic Services then lectured on 'The History of the Aquarium'. He showed the traditional tank's origins in the Clipper Ships of the British Empire through to their Aquaponics future in the Human Colony planned for Mars. How the little square tanks of Victoriana grew into the 49 million Litre Hengqin Ocean Aquarium was also shown.

David's talk. Photograph by Paul Barrow
A 50 Question quiz followed, presented by Ryedale member Paul Barrow. The title of the quiz was 'The British Isles' with questions ranging from televison, to the natural world to British Heritage sites.
Paul presenting the quiz.
This couple scored the most quiz points.
Photograph by David Marshall

Ryedale member Bernard O'Neill and Janet Hetherington of Workington A.S came second. Photograph by David Marshall.

10 'lots' were submitted for the auction, which was conducted by Steve Jones of the European Anabantoid Club. Members of the audience went home with many bargains.

Steve and his auctioneering team did a sterling job.


While the afternoon events were taking place Steven Grant of Castleford AS was judging the first round of the Championship Class and the 10 Classes of fish in the Open Show. YAAS rules and standards applied.

Steven judging.
An overview of the fish exhibits.
Photograph by Paul Barrow


Seven exhibits, which had all scored 85 points or over at an Open Show during 2014, made the grade for the Championship Class. Once Steven had pointed these fish fellow YAAS 'A' Class Judges Trevor Douglas, Trish Jones and Mick Price then scored these fish also so that the places could be decided on an average points system.

With 85.12 points it was a splendid Anadoras grypus (a Thorny Catfish from the Amazon), owned by Mike Kirkham of AAGB, which won the Championship Class. Our thanks go to AQUADIP who provided the prize for 1st place and to The Aquarium Gazette for sponsorship of the remaining Championship prizes.

These portraits of the Andoras grypus that won the Championship
were taken by Steven Grant.


Steve Jones (on the right) presents Mike Kirkham with Championship prizes
Photograph by David Marshall.


The Open Show drew 64 entries and what a magnificent selection and quality of fish were on the bench! A big thank you goes to AQUADIP (Netherlands) Ltd. who supplied many of the prizes, in the form of fish foods and medications, for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed winner in each Class.

A selection of 1st placed fishes. Photographs by Steven Grant


The idea of Mrs. Janice Barrow this was our special Pearl Class
Incredibly, all three places were won by Ryedale members.


Some of our winning exhibitors with their prizes.
Photographs by Steve Jones and David Marshall.


Some of our winning exhibitors with their prizes.
Photographs by Steve Jones and David Marshall.


Some of our winning exhibitors with their prizes.
Photographs by Steve Jones and David Marshall.


Some of our winning exhibitors with their prizes.
Photographs by Steve Jones and David Marshall.

Throughout the day Ann Grayson manned the Bottle Tombola. Our thanks go to Steve's Aquatic Emporium at Scarborough for donation of the 1st prize and to the Ryedale members who contributed so many of the bottles.

The Bottle Tombola. Photograph by David Marshall.

To end the day, the grand raffle was drawn and our thanks go to Ferrybridge Aquatics who supplied a number of aquatic-related prizes. After the raffle the prize giving for the Show took place and our visitors made their way home.

As always with Ryedale Aquarist Society, 'the little club with a big heart', everyone was made very welcome and had a thoroughly enjoyable day. Thank you to all who helped on the day, our guest speakers, Paul for the quiz, people who brought along fish for the show, people who brought along auction 'lots' and to everyone for the wonderful range of shared lunch food.

Four of our tired workers relax at the end of the day
Photograph by Paul Barrow


Meanwhile, if you want to visit the Ryedale Club at this new venue, their 2015 Open Show (the15th) will be on Sunday 14th June at Kirby Misperton Village Hall - Sat Nav to YO17 6XN. The Open Show will have 40 Classes.